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Creative Curriculum
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 Academy Primary School believes that all students can achieve and has chosen the Core Knowledge Sequence as the curriculum model. This curriculum is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education and was founded by the Core Knowledge Foundation. The premise of this curriculum is that “Knowledge Builds on Knowledge”. According to the Core Knowledge Foundation, “for any curriculum to  be both excellent and fair, it must demonstrate four qualities referred to as shared knowledge, solid knowledge, sequenced knowledge, and specific knowledge.”
Major topic areas that will be covered in Kindergarten through Second grade are:

  1. Language Arts/English (reading, writing, poetry, fiction, sayings)
  2. History and Geography (American and World)
  3. Visual Arts (elements of art, sculpture, kinds of pictures, talking and comparing works of art, art from long ago)
  4. Music (elements of music, listening and understanding music, songs)
  5. Mathematics (patterns, numbers, money, computation, measurement)
  6. Science (plants, animals, human body, magnetism, weather, matter)
  7. Physical development (large muscle control, skill development and small muscle control for handwriting, cutting, manipulating objects)

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