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For Prospective Parents—Most frequently asked questions

  1. What grades are offered? Academy Primary School will offer PreK, Kindergarten through Second Grade.
  2. Is there before and after school? Early morning starts at 7:30 a.m.  After school enrichment sessions begin at 3:30 p.m.
  3. Do you have a summer program? Academy’s Trips & Dips Wanna Bees  program for children entering Kindergarten is offered at Stone Mill Elementary School in 2-week summer sessions along with the Trips & Dips Explorers and Adventurers for children entering 1st through 5th grade. Child care options are available.
  4. What is the dress code? Academy Primary School has uniforms. Students should wear navy, white or khaki shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, jumpers, short pants, and sweaters. An Academy Primary School logo shirt or blouse will be given to each student. Most uniforms can be purchased at Lands End, Target,  or online uniform sites.  There will be occasional “dress down” days for special activities. For physical education times, students may wish to bring extra clothes for active participation.
  5. Do you offer music and provide for active physical education? As part of the Core Knowledge Sequence Curriculum and the requirements of the Maryland State Department of Education, Academy Primary School has an enrichment teacher who provides these programs to meet the curriculum  standards.
  6. How are foreign languages taught? Academy Primary School is proud to have culturally diverse bilingual teachers on staff. There are at least 5 different foreign languages represented. Spanish instructions are offered every week. Every 6-8 weeks there will a different language and culture presented to the students. Topics and skills covered will be conversational skills, songs, common words and phrases, folklore, foods, and stories in the various languages.
  7. Do children have daily access to the computers? Yes, there is at least 1 computer in each classroom plus a computer in the media center.
  8. How can parents be involved? Join the Parent/Teacher Exchange.  Parents have an active role in their child’s school life. Examples: room  parent, school appraisal team member, field trips, guest presenter or reader,  family events, parent conferences, room volunteers, etc.


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